Zinnia/Hank Girl She is such a good puppy. We are thrilled. Many complements on her.

Flippin Family

Zinnia/Hank Girl Here’s Anya (Green) at 13 Weeks. Her ears finally went up. A real beauty. Weighs 26 lbs. I don’t think she will be that small! Her paws are quite large. Fratkin Family
Hank & Ida Male Remi’s parents are Hank and Ida. I wish I could accurately tell you what a good dog he is.  He so sweet and loving,  yet his loyal and protective nature are coming out as well.  Even at 8 months he has a presence with strangers,  lol. He loves to play with other dogs,  go on walks,  and snuggle on the couch.  We have a new kitten who is his best friend and they play and snooze together every day.

Schnicke Family

Hi Andrea,


Just wanted to share a picture of Storm with you!! She is doing awesome!!!

She is so smart and loves to play with Shadow!!!  Joanie

September 3, 2018

Baily is a wonderful dog!!  We couldn’t be happier.  A year old now

Horinek Family

Fanny/Tribute Male September 12, 2018

Hi! I purchased a puppy from Tribute & Fanny’s litter from March 9 2014. My last trip the vet last week… I was told that Gunner is one of the healthiest and best looking and temperament GSD’s she’s seen in a long time. I currently live up in Casper, Wy with the little guy. Just wanted to say thanks… and give a few photos…

Thanks again!! Strom Family

Hi!This is Jager (yes like the alcoholic drink…but, we swear it’s because it means “Hunter” in German) Bruce. Art Villarreal and I took him home in 2014. He is the most handsome and loving boy!

We can’t remember who his parents are?

He’s so sweet, has a great and gentle temperament, is great with kids, loves other dogs, and would be a lap dog if size were on his side. He is very intelligent, great at basic commands (both verbally and sign), and lives to please and give love/be loved. Very protective, but not to a dangerous or scary level unless needed (have maybe seen once the entire time he’s been with us).

He was the perfect addition to our family! We love him so much!

Villarreal Family

Bell female from Zinna/Tribute Hey!

Just wanted to give you an update on Bell. I got her from the Zinnia and Tribute litter from the middle of 2016 and she is even better than I could have expected. First of she is simply the cutest, but she is also very smart. We taught her how to shake in less than an hour. She gets along well with all people but is never shy to alert you when someone comes in without knocking. She does great with all the Golden Retrievers at my parents house and with all the litters of Golden’s my mom has breed. She is awesome in car rides, as I had to drive from Iowa to lincoln many times and she just lays down and takes a nap. Her life is full of college kids during the week while she is inside and family and Golden’s on the weekend when she is outside. Couldn’t have asked for a better or more adorable dog so thank you! I also sent a few of the pictures I have from over the years and you are welcome to use any that you want for your website. I hope you had a very merry Christmas! Seth

Ugo Pups Male & Female Andrea, I hope you and your family had a great Christmas. I have attached a picture of Maggie and Reagan. 9 years old now. Both are doing great, best dogs I have ever had. (Flora Ugo & Judy Ugo pups)

Steck Family

Alice/Tribute Male 2yr Leo Leo from Alice & Tribute’s November 2015 litter. He’ll turn 2 years old next week. 85 lbs and a wonderful boy. Listens well and wants to please. Never let’s me out of his sight.
Kikka Alice/Tribute Female 9mo Alice Tribute Female

Here is Kikka at 9.5 months, 77lbs. The bottom is her first play date, she had so much fun! She is definitely a “show stopper” at the park ! We started advance dog obedience.. she is doing great!! The trainer said she is the nicest GSD she has ever seen… very gentle!


Alice/Tribute, Male named Jaxson Hey Andrea,   Thought I would send a couple pics of Jaxon( red ribbon male from tribute/Alice Dec 31 2016 litter) . Wow 9 months has flown by and Jaxon has been awesome. I get compliments on him daily! Thanks again for a wonderful GSD!

Whetsell Family

Nina/Tribute Female 1.5yrs old Stevie Nix female 1-1/2 years old From Nina/Tribute

Plambeck Family

Zinna/Tribute Male 9mo old Andrea-Hello!

I got a male puppy out of the November 16, 2016 litter by Tribute and Zinnia.  I just wanted you to know that every time I take him out in public people stop in their tracks and tell me repeatedly how beautiful he is and how healthy he looks with his straight back.

I am enjoying him tremendously and he has become such a well behaved welcome member of my family and friend groups.

Thank you for breeding sound,  even tempered,  beautiful dogs!


Ceasar/Alice Male  



BTW…. I can’t compliment you and your kennel enough on your breeding program, lines and the outcrossing.   I  had no idea how impressive Caesar’s lines were until I did some research on SG Orry.  We frequently take axel to the dog park, where there are always several GSDs…. When you know what a good one looks like, it’s pretty obvious to identify poor breeding; with poor gaits, posture and temperaments and being over-sized.   You can definitely tell Axel was bred from a working line, his square hips = speed, there’s barely a dog that he can’t out run and everyone always says that’s the best looking GSD they’ve ever saw.  I’m always complimenting your kennel and passing your name along to interested parties.  I hope that  at some point one of those will make it back to you for a sale!



The Schlueter Family

Tribute/Alice Male Hey Andrea,   Just a couple pics of Jaxon. He was the red ribbon male from Tribute and Alice litter from the 31 Dec. He is doing great and I get tons of compliments about him and  lots of people inquiring on where I got him. Hopefully I’ll send more people your way. Thanks for such an awesome GSD puppy!

Whetsell Family

Ida/Tribute Female Andrea,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and a huge thank you!

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Michonne is the most beautiful, sweet, and intelligent girl in the world!

The vet even said that she is about the most perfect and beautiful German Shepherd he has ever seen in 35 years of practice!

She is pretty much entirely potty trained already-she even rings a bell by the door to be let out!

We just installed a doggie door 2 days ago and she has that mastered already too!

She already knows ‘Sit’ ‘Stay’ ‘Come’ ‘Shake’ and is close to getting ‘Lay Down’.

She loves both of us equally and doesn’t like to let us out of her sight but is a good girl when we say we will be right back.

I am so in love with her!

One of her ears is up all the way already and the other one is up about half the time.

Now if I can only keep her away from the mulch!



Thank you for our perfect little girl!!!!!


Duke Tribute Male w/Buddy Hi Andrea,I hope this email finds you well! Charlie and I are considering bringing a second shepherd into our family! I have attached some recent photos of Duke here — he is very happy + healthy!

We have had many people ask us where we have gotten him and have made several recommendations to Sehr Gut Wesen … we feel very lucky to have found such a great breeder and are happy to see you are still breeding.

Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Adrienne H.

Female Nina / Tribute Male Puppy
Major, Male from, Tribute/Alice I am having a blast with Major!  He is adjusting to the family so well.  He is also an eager boy to train.  After a week, he knows “sit, down, leave it, heel, and come.”  We are making progress on housebreaking.

I do have a question on feeding.  He is about 25 pounds, and I’m giving him 3/4 cup of food 3 times a day.



Karma/Hugo Male Greetings from the Pheifers,

Thought you might enjoy some pictures of Ronan’s progress. He is coming along quite nicely. He has a very gentle personality, enjoys people, and seldom, if ever, barks. He has only barked a couple of times since we have had him.


The Pheifers.

Brothers From Karma/Hugo one longcoat, one shortcoat Andrea

Some pictures taken a couple of days ago of Silver and Hook.  Still growing!!  I will send pictures of them that you can look at when they are 6 months and use on your website if you want too.


Alice/Tribute Male 1yr old Leo Here are some photos of Leo growing up over the last year. From the Alice / Tribute litter born November 4th 2015.

Thank you Malcom Family. A great way of showing color, and growth changes. He will continue to grow. He’s just a puppy! Note; Alice is out of Hugo/Jennifer.

Photo1, Puppy. Photo 2, 4mo. Photo 3, blowing his puppy coat Photo 4 (at left) filling out & getting his adult coat..Nice!

Ugo/Jada Male Son of Ugo and Jada. He is awesome.



Thanks. Kyle and Jenn


Nina/Tribute Female Pup Ranger Andrea,

Ranger (purple girl, out of Nina and Tribute) is almost 4 months old now and is an amazing dog.  She has learned to come, sit, stay, lie down, and shake, so quickly and easily.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  Ranger is such a loving puppy and has a great balance of protectiveness and caring.  I’m also very impressed with her bone structure and straighter back.  Thank you so much for a wonderful dog!

Rosebud/Ugo Black Male Rugo Andrea,

Rugo (Black male of Rosebud and Ugo) is now 5 and will need some company. Rugo is the best dog either of us have ever owned. He is full of personality and is the best family companion and protector. He is so smart and he has trained us very well. He will obey nonverbal and verbal commands. We just love him dearly!

Thank you,


Nina/Tribute Male He will be 2yo 8/03.  ( Nina/Tribute).  He is so smart, so fun, and so dedicated to us, we love him.
Thank you


Boomer, Jada Female, See Slide Show Hi Andrea,Just wanted to let you know Sadie, Boomer and I are all doing well. Boomer is right around 72 pounds and her demeanor and calm character have really begun to blossom in the last 8 weeks. She gets compliments everywhere we go, and her interaction with other dogs is wonderful. She’s very playful and full of energy. We’re all very happy!




-Canton, Sadie, and Boomer

Nina/Tribute,Gunner w/kids, again! Click Gunner’s Bubbles to Enlarge Photo !!! Hi Andrea,
Here are some more pictures of Gunner that I took this morning
(Nina/Tribute Jan 1 2014). I saw that you posted the last one with him
and my grandson on your testimonial wall. I Love it!! Kenny and I
couldn’t be more happy with him. He is the best Dog (dont tell Gunner,
he thinks hes a little boy..haha) we have ever had. He weighs 54 pounds
already. Hes gonna be a big one!!! As each day goes by he gets more and
more protective of “his kids” and when the little ones wander off a
little too far in the yard he herds them back up towards the house. Its
so funny to watch. Thanks again for our wonderful addition.  Our
neighbor says hes the most magnificent German Sheppard that she has ever
seen!!!! 🙂 of course we agree.
Riggs 8wks & 4mo, Hugo/Jada Hi Andrea,

We just wanted to update you on Riggs the “teal boy” from the May 2014 litter of Hugo/ Jada. We could not be happier with this guy! At only 4 months he is a growing boy weighing about 52lbs. He is very playful and can be goofy, but is also very alert and protective. We have been taking him everywhere on the weekends to socialize him, and he has been a huge hit. Riggs has been to the Farmer’s Market, Scheels,  and Scooters with great reception! Everyone can’t get over how handsome and sweet he is. Shopping is becoming more difficult as we have to stop so often for all of his “fans,” but he loves it! We recently ate lunch on a restaurant patio and he laid down quietly chewing on his bone the whole time we were there. He has such a great temperament! He brings so much joy and happiness to our lives and we couldn’t imagine life without him! Thank you so much for bringing us this furry bundle of joy. We can’t wait to come back to you for the next addition to our family!

Kelly & Pablo

Send Us a Photo : ) Jake learned to sit in 15 min of training…to lay down in 15 min!!!! Sooo smart!!! Working on stay command! Yest he put his paws on my patio door 2 let me know that he needed 2 go out & last night he woke me up at 2 am so he could go out��

He is the sweetest puppy!!!!



Axl 6mo male from Jennifer/Hugo Andrea,

Thought I would send you a before and after  of Axl.  He is from the Jena AKA JADA/  Hugo litter.

Close to 6months old.  Could not ask for a better or well behaved puppy.

He made less than 4 mistakes in the house and they were more our fault.   He has not been in a Kennel at night since he was 14weeks.

The Vet, trainer and everyone he meets is amazed at how well behaved and beautiful he is.    I will send a profile in the future.


Thanks again



We are considering getting him a partner in crime.  So when we are both at work he will have a friend.

Jada/Hugo Female, Lexi Hi Andrea!
Here is a picture of Lexi. She is 10 months old. She is a puppy from Jada and Hugo’s litter that was born 12/21/13. She is so much fun to have and is a great protector of her family! She is amazing with our kids who are 6 years old and 3 years old. She plays very well with her best buddy which is a 140lb Great Dane! We are so glad she is a part of our family!

Take Care!
The McShannon’s

Jada/Hugo female named Zara Hi Andrea 8/7/2014

Zara is over a year now (she was from the litter with Jada/Hugo last July I picked her up) and I’m going to have her spayed.


Jada/Hugo Male named Duke

Duke getting bigger

Hi Andrea , March 11, 2014

Attached are some updated pics of “Duke”. He is such a good boy, and is keeping us pretty busy these days “all in true puppy fashion”. He has already made lots of new friends, as we had him socialized by having our friends come over. We even had to dog sit our friends 100lb Lab, and they got along great! I had two puppies running round, even though Duke was much smaller, they would end up tiring each other out by playing all day! 🙂

As for house braking we are still working on crate training with Duke ( he is doing very well for his age with only few accidents here and there). Next week he will start his first   obedience  classes, which I think he will enjoy.

Also our little guy is already starting to be protective of his family, yesterday he saw the lawn guys in our yard and he started make a little “growl” through the window, and would not stop watching them (it surprised me a bit for his young age).

Thanks again for helping us pick such as sweet little guy as we are enjoying him very much! 🙂

I am sure as he gets much bigger later on, I will send you some more pics.




Hi Andrea,

Here is an updated pic of Owen and Duke, they are inseparable…it’s just two cute watching them play together! I still can’t get over how careful Duke is around Owen when they play together (I have had several people say how amazed they are when they see how well behaved Duke is around Owen).  Of course I still have to keep a watchful eye one those two (Owen tried to give Duke a Lincoln Log to play with). Also here is a pic of Duke at his gradation from obedience class.

Fanny/Tribute Male 4mo Fritz Andrea,
July 2nd, 2014

Fritz had a surprisingly calm ride back to Omaha- we went to
Walmart first as you suggested and the kennel made all the
difference.  He’s been a good puppy, starting to take longer walks
around the neighborhood and, for a puppy, very accepting of the
leash.  He’s got his own fenced in back yard and has a happy, playful
disposition.  We love him very much.  We hope everything is going ok
for you.
Very Best,

I thought it would be worth writing about what a small world it is.  A couple living just blocks away from us have two of your wonderful dogs, a female and a male named Helmut (I think I’ve got that right).  Anyway, we figured out Fritz and Helmut are half-brothers as they share Tribute as a sire.  The two brothers cross paths regularly on their neighborhood walks.  Fritz had his first visit to the vet today for shots and stool check- the Dr. (Cory) pronounced him extremely fit and had various other complements that I think you as his breeder should feel good about.

The Mierendorfs

Send us a photo or new link to video!

Jada Hugo Male named Locke

1 year old male named Locke, from Jada and Hugo. Playing Dead video.

Unfortunatly the Video no longer works on my P.C. It was adorable. Please send us a photo, Andrea

Pepin/Hugo Male named Leonidas  

Hi, this is Justin.  My wife, Megan, and I purchased a puppy from you in 2012.  I wanted to give you an update and a picture.

We had Leonidas altered last week.  The reason we waited was so he would gain his full mane, deep bark, and musculature.  We also had his hips and elbows checked by a vet that not only does OFA x rays for our county police department but has a few GSD’s of his own.  As we did not send his xrays off for certification the head of the femur is more than 2/3’s in the joint.  The doctor said he would have been certified good if not better.  Elbows also look great.  I have the xray of you would like a copy.

I just wanted to keep you updated.  He is such a wonderful dog and a testament to how well you bred his line.  Thanks again for everything.  Our lives would be dull and joyless without our baby Leonidas.

This is an updated picture of our Leonidas.  His birthday is February the 12th and he was born in 2012.  His parents are Hugo and Peppin.  If your ask me, I think he looks like his Grandpa Ugo.

I don’t know if we told you but I was diagnosed with advanced staged lung cancer in early 2013.  We put him through therapy animal training along with K9 good citizen and his basic obedience courses.  He is such an amazing animal.  I don’t know if I could have made it through chemo without him.  Thanks again for everything.

Nina/Tribute Male named Bear Hey Andrea,

these are some pictures of Bear not all of them are recent, the ones on the far right are the most recent ones, but it should give you an idea of what he looks like and how much he has grown since last september!


Nina/Tribute male puppy Gunner Hi Andrea,
I just wanted to send you an update on our ” Gunner”
(Nina-Tribute Jan 1,2014 liter). As you can see in the pictures Gunner
considers himself  to be just one of the kids.  He is a fantastic
addition to our family and hes loved by all. Our vet says hes the most
beautiful German Sheppard dog she has ever seen.  (And of course we tend
to agree) 🙂
He is completely house and kennel trained and knows the basic commands
like come, leave it, sit, stay and down. He is always so willing to
please us. When the kids go home for the day he is my “shadow” and will
climb up between my husband and me and curl up on the couch. Hes very
spoiled!!! Thank-you for our wonderful little boy!!!

Albright family

Jada/Hugo male puppy named Duke Hi Andrea,Here a couple of updated pictures of Duke “Blue boy” from our walk today (he loves his daily walks, which keeps me going)! I can’t believe he is already 4 months old, as he is doing so good for a puppy.  I love how smart and gentle he is around Owen and other kids, as well as learning new commands.

As for training, he just completed his puppy kindergarden and is now in his second set of classes (A.K.C  S.T.A.R program).  He is well on his way to a future agility courses/training, and hopefully some therapy training (my longterm goal for him, as he does so well with Owen)! 😀

Hope all is well and take care!


Here are a few pics of “Duke”, as you can see he is getting bigger! 🙂  Update: He is now fully house broken and is catching on very quick to his training in puppy kindergarden. He was one of the first ones to catch on to the new commands “sit” and “down” in his class! Of course one of the things I still love about him the most, is he such sweetheart! Duke has been super good around little ones especially with Owen.  (Duke and Owen will play together; it’s like he “knows” to be extra gentle with is mouth and lowers his puppy excitement, as not to jump or hurt Owen.) I just love watching them interact with each other, as they both has so much fun.


Quella/Hugo female named Jana Here is a picture of Jana from the Dec 2012 litter out of Quella. She has become a wonderful family dog and we are so pleased! Hope you are having good luck with your new litters.
Nina/Tribute Male, McCaffrey Andrea,

Happy New Year!  We just wanted to give you an update on our puppy, McCaffrey.  He was “blue boy” from Tribute and Nina’s January ’13 liter.  McCaffrey has been a great addition to our family.  He has been easy to train and we are so pleased with his temperament.  McCaffrey is very protective of us and our home.  He is no longer the baby of the family as we welcomed a son at the end of November.  They have become fast friends and we are thrilled with the gentle way McCaffrey behaves around the baby.  Thanks for everything!

The Luzum Family

Thor, Nina/Tribute Male Thor is our “puppy” from Nina and Tribute’s January 2013 litter. He has an amazingly outgoing temperament and is such an important part of our family. While my husband and I have no human children yet, Thor is very good with our cat – even though he is still very much a puppy and wants to play with her (which she is not excited about haha)!

He loves an active lifestyle, is very friendly with people, and would never hurt anyone (unless licking is offensive).  I work at a high school and several neighbors on our street have young children (ages 3-14) and Thor does well with all of them.

Thor is a fast learner and has an undying love for us!  We have enjoyed every minute of having him. Nina and Tribute are the greatest parents ever as far as we are concerned, and the breeder is top notch!

Eszler Family

Mauser, Jada/Ugo Male Hi Andrea,
As promised I am (finally!) sending you some pictures of our 11 month old puppy, Mauser, out of Jada/Ugo last October. We are so pleased with him. He has the sweetest personality and wants so badly to be a lap dog, even though he weighs almost 75 lbs! He is very toy driven, and very high energy, so he keeps us (and his doggy pal, our crossbreed Molly) pretty busy. But he also enjoys hanging out and laying around the house. He is wonderful with our kids. Our 5 year old son is his playtime buddy and our 18 month old daughter thinks he is her own personal pillow. I don’t have any pictures of him and Ava yet but I sent you one of him and Tommy.

I wasn’t able to get him into our local obedience classes this past spring but I do plan on going the next. He is extremely intelligent and wants very badly to please, so I don’t think he will have any trouble in obedience classes. He listens well at home and is learning every day. He is still a little timid and unsure of new things and people, but we have been working very hard with him and think he is coming along beautifully.

As you can see from the pictures he favors his mother in build, but I think he looks more like his dad in coloring. He is growing into a beautiful dog, and we get compliments all the time about him. We just love him to death and can’t think you enough. I tell everyone about your dogs and the wonderful buying experience we had with you.

Thank you SO much!
Dylan, Tiffany, Tommy, Ava, Mauser and Molly Rucker

Nina/Tribute Male Rocco Just wanted to send you a updated picture of Rocco!

He is doing great growing like a weed.
Potty trained, sleeping through the night in kennel, he and the kids are growing so close to each other and he is already being protective of us!

He has his bad moments of nipping and wanting to eat things he shouldn’t like rocks, mulch etc. He is like our 3rd child keeping our family busy, busy, busy 🙂

The neighbors are stopping us and wanting information on him and showering us with compliments on his good looks!

We love him and wanted to thank you for such a great pup!

Thanks again-
The Hollingsworth’s

Fanny/Hugo Female 7mo, Stella Took this picture of Stella this afternoon. I was sitting on the deck getting a little bit of sun which is a nice thing for October 1. She is my constant companion now that I’ve injured my leg. I don’t know how she contains her puppiness but she does because she senses something is amiss.
I know she wants to play but she manages somehow to be content getting petted by me.
Think she really would be a great service dog as she is filling the role at the tender age of seven months.
Thanks again for my wonderful friend Stella. She is from the March 2013 Fanny/Hugo litter.

I would love to know how the other pups are doing. Stella was the blue girl and she is 1 in million!

Lee Family

Hugo/Jennifer 1yr Old Gus Andrea,

Gus is the most wonderful dog we have ever had. He’s the perfect family dog. He is extremely loving and yet


protective of our young kids. When they are outside, he always lays where he can watch over them.

We have a 13 year old mutt who was on his last legs before Gus came along. Now he and Gus are the best of friends. They lie together with their paws touching. Gus even gets our old guy to play!

Every morning at 5:30 ( yes even weekends!)


puts his front legs up on the bed

and stairs at us with his big beautiful eyes- ‘asking’ for permission to get on our bed. Gus needs his snuggle time to start the day 

(of course with his whole body

stretched out

on the pillow


). We are amazed at our boy every single day.

Gus is p


, protective, intelligent, stunning and 

so very loving

. All the positive attributes of the German Shepherd breed are certainly exemplified in our Gussy Boy!

Thank you so much for our boy



an’t imagine life without him.

Craig and Cheryl

Jada/Ugo 11moFemale Ryleigh Hi Andrea,
I wanted to send you some pictures of our Ryleigh. She’s just shy of being 1 year old next month. She is from the Jada/Ugo litter last October.
She has absolutely been a joy! Awesome with our younger son who is autistic. She discovered her voice about 2 months ago and loves to let us hear it. She’s very alert, obedient, has a great disposition, loves to play and go for long walks & waits for us to take her for rides in the cars.
At night time she loves to jump up on Matt’s bed and stay awhile. Then she’ll lay at the top of the stairs in the hallway facing the front door.
Ryleigh loves to be around people and is gentle unless she is given the ok to rough play a little.
We laugh at her a lot as she is still exploring the world. Her bark sounds fierce however she still cowards at things that are not familiar with such as a bag blowing in the wind, a large cardboard box playhouse my husband made for her, flies, bikes. She’s a cutie and a keeper! Although stubborn at times she aims to please. Loves to give Matt kisses & loves receiving hugs!
I promise to send you a few pictures next month when she is officially 1 year old. She is a great looking dog and we get a lot of compliments. Her current weight is 60 pounds.
Thanks Andrea we truly love her and know that she is definitely going to be a great dog as she gets older.
Johnson Family
Jada/Ugo Female 11mo old Hi Andrea,

I have attached some photos of “Purple Girl” from Jada and Ugo born October 25, 2012. …….She has a clean bill of health and is such a great dog.  Her intelligence is remarkable and we are entertained by her wonderful personality.  She loves her pool and just any type of water in general …….thanks for such an amazing dog and family member.
Davidson Family

Jada/Hugo boy Luther


He is such a good dog! Sooo sweet and smart! It is like having 2 ten year old boys wrestling! They can’t stand to be apart!
You obviously have a fabulous line of dogs.
Ken takes him to the office in Fridays and he greets everyone! Rides in the car and the truck like a pro! He has been a perfect addition to our family!
Potrias Family 11/10/2013
Jennifer/Hugo Female, Alice Here are some pictures of my “babies”, big “babies”, that is.     The first picture, Jennifer(call name Jayda) is on the the left and Alice is on the right.   They both look alike.  It’s hard to tell them apart when they are out in the yard. They are both spoiled babes.


note: this is a mother daughter photo

Nina/Tribute Boy, named Hugo 9/11/2013

Hugo is undoubtedly the BEST puppy I’ve ever had. He is SOOO smart!

There’s no way I can say enough positive things! He’s growing like crazy.

I’ll send a picture soon, but his looks haven’t changed much…just BIGGER! I hope the other buyers of this litter are having as much fun as I am!

Take care,


Nina/Tribute Male, Rebel 9/9/2013

Hi Andrea. I’m writing to give you an update on Rebel our little blue boy. Thank you so much for this little guy. We love him so much. He is so smart. I have already taught him to sit and stay, lie down and high five. He is independent but very loving by nature. His ears are staying up already. He is learning not to nip by us saying ouch and putting a chew toy in his mouth. He is quiet in his crate and is holding urine til about 3 am now. He drinks alot of water so we are going to let him drink up until 7 or 8 tonight to see how that goes. He loves to sleep on the air vents and is so smart that he hears when the air conditioner kicks on and runs to vent. Haha. We laugh so hard. What a great dog.
Blessings to you,


Hi Andrea,
I wanted to send cute pic and update on Rebel. It’s hard to believe that he is 12 weeks old already. He is lovable and so much fun. We are working on the biting issue and he is starting to stop himself when it is our hands or feet.  He loves to eat and is growing so fast. He is great with other people and even better with little ones.  We took him for a walk at the lake and he sat when told as a 2 year old little girl approached and he allowed her to pet him as he licked her arm. It was adorable. He walks in his crate when told and also sleeps all night.  He is such a great dog. Thank you so much.

Jada/Hugo Female, Zara HI Andrea

Here are recent photos of Zara (purple girl) from Jada and Hugo.We can’t believe how much she grows everyday! And look at how big the ears are. Zara is independent with her own agenda. She can be stubborn. At the same time, she is very gentle and affectionate. She loves everyone and has to go up to everyone at the park to say hello. And she gets lots of compliments and looks. She is curious about my cats but they have taught her the boundaries and she respects them. Today one of the cats came up her food bowl when she was eating and not a growl from her. And she loves to eat. We adore her and are having the best time with her. She is a great addition to our family! And to add on, the vet was here today and Zara is 21 lbs at 11 weeks. She’s a big girl.


This is Zara at 18 weeks. She was the purple girl from the  Jada/Hugo litter of May 2013. She is very loyal and protective of her family, including her chihuaua mix friend Ripley. When I drop the kids off for soccer she watches to see where they go, and she would like to chase that soccer ball with them. We love having her, she’s been a wonderful addition to the family.

Caswell Family

Nina/Tribute Female, Keyrah Hello Andrea!
I received the orange girl from the Nina/tribute litter that was born last August. I just wanted to thank for the opportunity to buy a dog from you. I am completely blessed by keyrah. She has been a wonderful addition to the family and there are not enough words to describe how thankful I am.
Keyrah now weighs 73 pounds. She loves going to the park! Whenever we say the word park she does and a happy dance and goes straights to her leash. She is like a mind reader and whenever I go to get her a treat, she beats me to the box! She’s a constant companion. It doesn’t matter if we’re bringing groceries or going to the bathroom, you can guarantee that she is tagging along or whining outside the bathroom door:)
I couldn’t decide what pictures to send so I sent a bunch!
Thank you so much again!
Best wishes
Fanny/Hugo, Male Manning Hi Andrea,
We just wanted to send you a picture of Manning. He’s doing great & we love him to pieces! He’s a spoiled boy! 🙂

Dilbeck Family

Ronin, Hugo/Jada Male Andrea,

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful pup. We named him Ronin and he has made the perfect addition to our family. We could not be happier!


Ronin is a good dog and a very happy boy. He is adorable, intelligent, and very attentive. He has been picking up on training very quickly. He is still working on house training but is making good progress for his age. He is also learning to come, sit, and stay and is doing remarkably well. We will begin training classes when he is 12 weeks.


Ronin loves his crate. I was somewhat concerned about crate training due to prior experience. However, Ronin’s crate is his safe place where he goes to sleep or rest all on his own. We didnt have to do anything to teach him to use it. He just naturally likes it. We are very happy about that. Aside from the crate Ronin also loves to sleep on top of the air conditioning vent in the house to keep cool. Very cute.


We have been working on socializing him and we have been amazed at how well he does. Not only with people, but also with other dogs. He has been exposed to children, several dogs of various sizes, groups of people, backyard parties, and of course our housecats. He is very well mannered and everyone loves him. He has been the neighborhood celebrity and all the neighbors have been bringing their dogs and/or children to meet him (which has been a great start for socialization).


Ronin had his first vet visit last week. He is in perfect health! Stool was tested and came back negative. He was 12.3 lbs on 07-23-13 and is growing like a weed. We are feeding him Wellness Large Breed Puppy and the food transition went very well.


We are very grateful for the wonderful dog you raised and the great experience we had working with you. We love Ronin very much and will provide the best possible care and home for him. Again, thank you very much!


We will send updates periodically as well as photos if you would like.

Hope all is well for you, your family, and the dogs!


K&K Loula, and Ronin too!

Blitz 10mo old Male, Nina/Tribute (Nina and Tribute). Born 8/03/12

He is gorgeous!
Still a child, but soo smart!
We love him,


Victor, Quella / Hugo Male 5.5mo Victor is a great puppy, he’s about 5 1/2 months old now, he’s very
intelligent, full of energy, house trained and very good watch dog.

We are very happy with him.
Ashley Family

Stella, Fanny / Hugo female  

Stella really loves taste of wild bison/venison. That’s why I mix it. She really doesn’t want to stop and eat but that food entices her. Her stools are great!

She played with my sons dogs today and my daughters dog. So a Tibetan Mastiff an English cocker spaniel and a mini Australian shepherd. She is fearless but stands back when they say no.

She follows me everywhere and is so inquisitive . She has stuffed toys (a lion, a zebra and Ellie the elephant) that she takes on walk abouts! She takes them in her mouth around the back yard then brings them back in and puts them to bed. It is so cute.  Doesn’t destroy them she treats them like her babies.

She is personality plus!


Left Shatzti female from Pepin/Ugo & Right Hausser male from Nina/Tribute Hausser is fitting right in. He sleeps much more than Schatzi did at his age. He’s VERY sweet and makes great eye contact. We’ve only had one accident in the house and he’s gone pee and poop a ton! He is following and paying attention to Schatzi which is helping. Schatzi isn’t quite sure what to do with him though. She plays a little rough but Hausser holds his own.
His vet visit went very well. The vet said, “I hope you’re ready for a big dog. He’s going to be huge.”  Lol!
By the way, his poops are nice and solid and he hasn’t drooled once so no need to worry.
He’s a great addition to the house. Even the cats like him! Very likable pooch!!


I have to say Hausser has been the PERFECT addition to the house. He idolizes Schatzi. He has been ridiculously easy to train. From the start he would run up to me and sit down when he got close to me and would sit there waiting for a command. He learned his name in a couple of days. Super easy. Picture of Frick and frack!! Lol!

Boyer Family

Sampson, Nina/Tribute male puppy Andrea,

I have been remiss in sending you updates on Sampson.  I apologize it has been a busy time at our house.  Sampson is awesome.  He is a big boy (as you predicted). He weighed 81 lbs 3months ago when he got neutered.  He is lean and very tall.  He is also the biggest lover.  He loves his people and anyone we greet friendly is OK.  If we aren’t there or we don’t greet them as we know them then Sampson is on duty.  Not aggressive just protective.  He also loves to help wake up the kids in the am.  I ask him if he is ready and I call up the stairs each kids name.  Sampson joins in and howls along.  He knows when it is time and waits for me at the bottom of the steps to do his job.  He has also started to try to herd the Westies when we go on walks.  As you can imagine they are too fond of being herded but Sampson tries his best :). He isn’t fond of the dog he sees reflected in the dishwasher either. He barks at it every night.  Madeline takes him up to her room for cuddles and naps after school.  He slept in her room for the first few months until he figured out the other dogs slept in our room.  After that we brought his bed down so he could be in the same room as the others, but he still likes to be with Madeline in her room when it isn’t bed time.  He knows everyone’s name and if you ask him where they are he looks right at them or goes and finds them.  Thanks for such an amazing dog!!!

Miller Family

Male 4mo old Nina/Tribute 4th choice male from Nina and Tribute’s last litter. 4mo old in photo.

We are really enjoying our puppy…..he’s growing so fast!

Luzum Family

Rugo, Rosebud/Ugo Male Hi Andrea,


It has been almost two years since Paul and I picked up Rugo in June 2011.  He was the last male in his litter (born in March 2011) from Rosebud and Ugo.  You kept his sister and that was the last of the litter.  Long drive back to Cedar Rapids that night, but I drove straight through – we got home at 6am..  At first, our yellow lab let him know who was boss and her maternal instincts kicked in.  Now, they are the best of friends and the cats love him.  He cleans the cats up with a big slobbery kiss on their heads, but they love it and kiss him back when he’s sleeping.  Really odd.


He has been an amazing dog.  He was so-o-o-o-o-o easy to train and has a great temperment.  Enjoy the pics!  The top one is about a month after we picked him up.  He’s a very handsome dog and prances without being trained.  My brother pretended like he was showing him (as a joke) and ran in a circle as one would do in a dog show and Rugo started prancing in true showmanship.


We took both dogs out to a friends farm Saturday and let them run and be dogs.  He doesn’t like baths and his fur is really long and thick, but we bath him as needed and brush him often – so it’s healthy and shiny.  He’s pretty spoiled, but seems to show his appreciation.  I’m the alpha master for him.  He plays with Paul, but when it comes to behaving and following someone around – it’s me.


Love him and would certainly get another from you!!!!!  We do tell of our interesting trek to McCook, NE.  See I thought it was just on the other side of Lincoln…… ha!  We’ll leave earlier next time.


Have a great evening!


Adi, Pepin/Ugo male Here is finally some pics of Adi, a pup from Pepin and Ugo, born last year in February. He is an amazing dog who loves to work! Dont tell him he is a dog as he is pretty sure he is a human! He loves to play “ball” and would do it all day if he was allowed!  Thanks for such a great dog!


Snell Family

Pepin/Hugo male Ruben He is growing like a weed!!!  Took him in to get shots today and he weighs 22.3 lbs!! Doing very well on his leash, likes to go for walks and play in the yard. He is a wonderful addition to our family!!! Oh and did I mention he likes taking toys away from his big brothers!!!  Thanks again Andrea for a wonderful pup!!
The first one is on Easter, he was tired out!!! Then we are out playing ball!! He is playing tug of war with Fritz!!! All three boys playing in the yard!!! Will send more later…  Peggy
Pepin/Hugo female Lady Hey Andrea!  We wanted to send you a picture of our “little” Lady.  She is doing awesome.  She LOVES the kids and is wonderful with them.  She has especially taken to the baby.  Whenever we are sitting on the ground or floor with the baby she is right there beside her 🙂  We are in love with her and think she is the best dog ever.  We will continue to send you pictures as she grows.  She is in obedience class right now and has “sit” down and we are working on “stay”.  She is super smart!  Thanks for a wonderful addition to our family!


June 3rd 2012

Hey Andrea, we wanted to send along some of the pics we took of lady this week-end. She has been the BEST dog ever!! We want to get some photos of her and the kids, but that is a lot to coordinate…lol. Hopefully some Christmas pics will be in the works J. Hope all is well, and have a great summer!


June 1, 2013

Hi Andrea! I wanted to follow up with you about Lady; she is the best dog one could ever ask for! I get stopped all the time when I take her for walks, people have even pulled their car over to comment on how pretty she is, and well behaved. She is pretty long (almost to my chin, and I am 6’ 2”), she weighs between 70-80 lbs, and is VERY healthy. We cannot thank you enough for Lady!! You can use these photos of her however you like.


Pepin/Ugo Female Shatzi


Heidi/Ugo Koki longcoat

Remember when I mentioned to you that I ran into Andrew, the owner of Koki? Well, we have kept in touch since he’s a super great guy and Koki is a beautiful, loving dog. Andrea, these dogs are unbelievable! They are inseparable! I took this picture when Andrew and I met up to go to the dog park. We let them play outside for a bit to get reacclimated them packed them up in the van to have fun at the park. All of a sudden we didn’t hear anything in the back and wondered what was going on! Well, this was what was going on LOL! They were snuggling in the back! HAHA! They played for 3 hours…couldn’t get enough of one another. And let me tell you they were the talk of the park! Everyone there was mesmerized by their beauty!

Thank you again for all of your help and support/concern for Schatzi. Hope all is well with you and the pups!! Geoff

Note: Shatzi is out of Pepin and Ugo and Koki is a longcoat out of Heidi and Ugo. The two families met by accident in at a park and after a short discussion found their dogs shared the same father, Ugo. Now the two pups and families are friends.

Heidi/Ugo Female, Gracie

Heidi’s last puppy

Hello Andrea! I just thought I would give you an update and picture of Gracie (she’s gotten so big!). We have been home (in Louisiana) for about a week and she did great in the car, and she has transitioned well here. She was scared of the sandy dirt when she first got here but now she loves her fenced in yard and goes out there ever chance she gets. It rained today and we all had fun experiencing that together. She loves to play fetched and we play every chance we get. She also enjoys going for walks but is always afraid of the little dogs that bark at her from their yards, but she wants to go and play with the big ones! It’s so silly. She’s a sweetheart and very playful and slowly getting more cuddly, the only bad thing she does is bite our hands (we broke her of the biting feet and were working on hands now). She learns extremely fast and we conquered “sit” last week, we’re going to work on”lay” this week. Thank you for allowing us to get such a great dog, we hope you are not buried in too much snow (though it may not have gotten that far west). We hope this finds you well!
Tavis and Ashley

Hello Andrea I hope this finds you well! We are doing good down here in Louisiana. I thought I would give you an update on Gracie and some pictures, she is the best dog ever! She is extremely smart and everyone loves her. She is a celebrity in our neighborhood all the kids know her when we go for our daily walks and pet her. She still loves playing fetch and is just more content when she has something in her mouth, when we go for walks she carries sticks the whole way! We get so many compliments on her! When I take her to the vet all the Army med techs love to pet her and play with her (they care for the Military German Shepard’s). She is a great dog and very smart, we love having her! She knows many commands already and learns them really fast, we call her our visual learner because she does better with hand signals than spoken words. We mostly wanted to thank you for such a great dog!
Thanks again!
Travis and Ashley

Hello Andrea I can’t believe Gracie (Heidi’s last puppy) is going to be two this month! She has been a great companion while my husband is deployed. She misses him very much and didn’t eat for quite some time when he left. She is such a good dog and everyone loves her. She is very attentive to commands and is so easy to teach anything. She loves going to the Dog Park but she couldn’t care less about the other dogs, she just wants to chase her ball. She LOVES the ball. We drove with her up to Nebraska (23 hours from Louisiana to Nebraska!) and she played in the snow, she loved it. I wish it would snow down here for her. She also loves swimming, though it took her awhile to get to like it. She loves children and she is so gentle with them. She has kind of a sensitive stomach but since we switched her to grain free food she seems to be doing better. We recently adopted a cat and I was worried how she would handle him but she adores him. They play and cuddle. She is very protective of him. I hope you enjoy the pictures and an update. Thanks again!
Travis and Alesha Adams

See her running with ball beautiful photo of her on Previous Pups Page


Pepin/Ugo Female, Izzy

Hi Andrea,

Here are pictures of Isabelle (we call her Izzy).  We purchased her from your fall litter of Pepin and Ugo.  She is a beautiful dog and is growing too fast!  She is a very confident and social dog and has made many furry and two-legged friends around the neighborhood.  We have even had one gentleman stop his car as we were walking her on the sidewalk to tell us what a beautiful dog she is and how it reminds him of a black German Shepherd he had when he was younger.  She is starting to lighten up a bit more now behind her ears, but we think she is going to remain more black than tan.  As you can see, we had a hard time narrowing down which pictures to send to you, but we would love it if you could pick one out to put on your website.  Izzy brings us a lot of joy and we take every advantage we can to bring that joy to other people.  We are having so much fun with her.

Sam & Jason,Omaha, NE

Diesel, Rosebud/Ugo Male Had to laugh when I saw how many other dogs had been named Diesel! Well, here is another Diesel to add to the list!

Diesel Pusher Z was born November 21, 2008 from Ugo and Rosebud and we picked him up in Parker, CO the following January (2009).

Diesel was a surprise birthday gift for me (I had lost my other German Shepherd several months before to cancer and swore “no more dogs”). Thankfully nobody listened to me. He is my bud, my protector, hiking partner, canoe pal, and best friend!



Pepin Ugo Girl, Ryleigh 5mo Hi!


This is Ryleigh!  She was yellow in her litter and her b-day was Feb 4 (I think). She is now just a week away from being 5 months. She is from Ugo and Pepin. She is quite smart – but quite independent! We did puppy preschool and she mostly just calmly sat and watched. She seemed to think the other puppies were just too crazy for her to bother with. Everyone was very envious of how calm she was! Of course she isn’t calm when she attacks and plays with our 5 year old GSD!  We call her the ‘demon’! We’ll start basic obedience in a couple of weeks – but she knows most of it already (when she wants to  listen!). She is very treat motivated – which at least helps with the training.  I’ll try to remember to send a picture of her when she is older…………



Heidi/Ugo male, Simcha 18mo old Hello Andrea,

We have been intending to send you some pictures of Simcha for some time. He is now 18-months old and quite a guy. He has really lived up to his name…Simcha means happiness in Hebrew…and he is a happy dog plus a joy to us. High energy describes him well. He loves being on the ranch here in Colorado where he can run, play with sticks, and loves his tether ball. He has been trail riding with us and the horses, hiking, and loves the water. He certainly was a great choice…we could not have done better. His disposition is awesome and so loving. Thank-you for Simcha; he is my wife’s best friend and protector when I must be away.

Hood Family

Pepin/Ugo male, Danno
Blue boy from Pepin/Ugo litter.

Hello Andrea~

Well, Danno has adapted very well here at our house.  Our other dog loves him to death and they are wrestling around at my feet as I sit here and type to you.  He’s ‘almost’ house broken he will go to the back door if he’s not to busy playing to remember! lol  But most of the time I just take him out and he goes and comes right back in.  If there are any accidents, it’s mostly my fault for letting him out of my sight or doing that one last thing before I tell myself I’m gonna take him out, and then it’s to late! haha.

He is so incredibly rotten! lol   I think the reason he is, is because he’s just not afraid or skitish about anything.  He’s very inquisative about things and does not spook with loud noises or cars.  He absolutely loves to tug but is not a big ball player.  Maybe it’s his age and attention span, but he sure loves to tug.

His face has changed so much just in the two weeks we’ve had him home.  Thought i would send a picture of him and let you know what a great pup he is and how much he is loved here.

Take care,



Hello Andrea ~

Wanted to give you an update on Danno (blue boy) from Pepin/Ugo litter from Feb. 2011.  I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful pup.  After two years of watching your site, seeing the pups/dogs your litters produced, we decided to take the plunge.  Having been a German Shepherd owner all my life & a Police K-9 handler for many years ~ I felt I owed it to my family to make the best purchase I could, for the newest member of our family.  I don’t think I could have made a better decision if I had tried!  Although the drive from Ohio was a LONG one, my husband and I are so glad we did!  (and proud to hold the title as the owners who drove the furthest!)

Andrea, he is the greatest pup.  So confident, independent & outgoing!  SO very teachable and willing to learn, wanting to please!  You have such great bloodlines going! During my time as a 4-H’er growing up I raised pups & trained them for the Seeing Eye Foundation out of Columbus, Ohio.  They always boasted about how grounded their pups were ~ they didn’t hold a candle to Danno!  He is so balanced! and if he’s being mischievous, it’s only because he’s not afraid of anything & so very confident in his demeanor!  It’s a wonderful feeling to have a pup who wants to be with you and please you, but doesn’t DEPEND on you (if you know what i mean).

We are so happy with him ~ we’ve even dicussed making the drive back “someday” if you ever had a female, like Betty, up for adoption.  I think our puppy days are done for a while! lol  Although it’s been very rewarding, it’s also very tiring to do ‘right’.

Anyways, thanks agian & I look forward to sending you more pictures of our handsome boy!  It was just meant to be!



I was so proud of our pup today, I had to email you and tell you about him.

He was 8 months old last friday. He is so big, it’s hard to remember he’s still jus a puppy.  Last time I had him to the vet he was 7.5 months old and he weighed 77 pounds.  We are wondering when he’s gonna slow down on growing! haha!

My son plays football & my daughter cheers for our school and tonight was our homecoming parade ~ they both had to walk in it.  I did not know when I went that the parents for the little kids (our daughter) had to walk in along with them towards the sides of the road.  I had Danno with me ~ I take him to all the kids functions to socialize him.  So Danno walked the parade.  He did not cower or back down from anything ~ not even the noises of the police & fire vehicles.  I was so proud of him.  You should have seen all the people commenting on him “OOOO look at that dog, isn’t he beautiful” “Ahhhh, check that dog out ~ he’s huge!” Over & over I would hear people with positive comments about him.  I honestly felt like i was a k-9 handler again ~ he heals so well and sits immediately when i stop.  This is not something i have taught him, he has always done it automatically.  He is so awsome.  I wish i could get a few good pics of him ~ his head is real big & blocky ( i love it!)  He loves his mommy ~ i take him on walks everyday 1-2 miles.  I am able to let him off lead when we get to our local elementary and he runs along side of my kids on their bikes & blows off some steam.  He HAS to go on a walk daily or he is an unstoppable ball of energy! haha!  I’ve been watching the new pups from pepin/ugo, the little male pup in the middle looks just like danno did when he was that age.  I kept all the pics you posted.  I should put them all together sequentially so they can see what he will potentially look like!   he will be beautiful, that’s for sure.

Well, have a good night!


Hello Andrea ~

Just wanted to check in with you & let you know we are still convinenced Danno was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  He is so beautiful ~ even when he is covered head to toe in mud these days (with all the rainy weather we have had lately here in Ohio).  He is quite smitten with our two youngest children as they are home more than the oldest and tend to play with him more.  If they don’t pay attention to him when he wants them to he will nibble them to get their attention! haha!  He sprawls out on our king size bed and i swear he’s bigger & longer than I am.  I know he’s only about 90 pounds but he looks so much bigger!  He has proven to be quite the watch dog.  We recently purchased a new screen door that is window from top to bottom ~ he sits at that door & NOTHING gets by him ~ it’s “Danno on duty” as we say!  This is a really rotton picture of  him I know ~ the kids say he looks like a bobble head dog in it ~ but it gives a good idea of how big he really is.  Thank you again for such an elegant animal Andrea! We wouldn’t trade him for the world!

Have a great christmas!

Cara Kissee & Family

Heidi/Ugo male, Axel

8weeks and 5mo old

Getting comfortable here now. He is everything we wanted. My children ALL love him, however, my 3 year old is “his person”. What really got me was how (I have a retractable leash & harness, so the give on both ends, under supervision make a beautiful opportunity for a young child to handle his dog without the dog being punished because of a childs mistake) Tyler walked him everytime we stopped on the way home. This pup followed him, ran with him, and everytime he stopped, sat directly in front of him like “OK, you ready to do it again?” An 8 week old pup. A 3 year old child. No pulling, gentle with my child, confident as they “played” in completely unkown places. 1st day away from his siblings, total confidence, Anyone who thinks a purebred dog is too expensive, no. It is priceless.

Talk about exceptional bloodlines showing through, and why it is worth every penny to buy a dog with such a huge headstart in life. Yes, a pup is ALOT of work to raise right, but when you have the history of what disposition he is born with, you have a HUGE advantage.

I am so impressed with this pup, bought technically “sight unseen” except for pictures, I would recommend you to anyone considering a purchase.

I cannot thank you enough, keep up the good work, I will be back if I ever wish to purchase another German Shepherd, or will recommend you to anyone who does. German Shepherds are the ultimate family dog as long as you raise them as you should, and buy from a reputable breeder. I just had to shoot you a second email. I am so impressed with this guy. PERFECT PUPPY FOR US. HANDS DOWN.

Sincerely, Janet

I just can’t believe how gorgeous this pup is. We took to NM this weekend, and another truck driver said, just after watching him for 5 minutes “I hate to ask how much you paid for that dog, you can tell by his disposition he is extremely well bred…”. (his looks may have had a little to do with it too, LOL!) His conformation and gait is just beautiful in such a young pup. So confident, and nerves…LOL…he’s fearless 🙂 He’s around semis every day…loud noises, horns, air release noise. (and my husband breaking an air line in the cab while goofing off…sounded like a rabid snake…LOL!) Axel just looks at us, like, is this OK? Then layed down and took a nap, while the hose continued to hiss…most dogs would have been freaking out 🙂 Best dog ever, woof!

Jerry Lee out Pepin and Ugo Hi Andrea:

This is Jerry Lee.  He was born March 5, 2009 from Pepin/Ugo litter.  He’s 5 months old now.  We absolutely love him and he makes us laugh all the time! He’s very smart and has almost completed puppy kindergarten.  This was his first excursion on our boat.  He loves the water but wasn’t sure about actually swimming yet.  He still has a look of the long hairs and has crimpy hair around his ears and is a gorgeous black/red color.  His body build reminds of Hesta actually.  He weighs about 46 pounds now.  He’s a pretty picky eater so were experimenting on a different puppy food to try and put a little weight on him.  Everywhere we go we are getting compliments on him. I would love to get a few pictures of a few mature long hairs that you have bred, especially if you have any out of Pepin/Ugo mating.
Anyway, thanks again!  I love watching for updates on your website.  Its
exciting to see all the new puppies being born!

Colorado Springs

Leon, Heidi/Bear M pup 4yrs old
Caly, Pepin/Ugo F pup 3yrs old Hi Andrea,

It has taken me forever to send some  photos but here they are!  Leon is 4 years old now. Caly just turned 3.  Such a pair they are! I love having 2 dogs!  They play together so well and keep Scott and me so entertained.  Caly, Leon and I play ball every morning in tag team fashion. 🙂  I throw the ball; Leon chases and gets the ball; Caly gets the ball from Leon and brings it to me for a treat; then we start it all over.  Leon’s temperament is so sweet and mild; still a guard dog, though!  Caly is a wild girl; so fun and always busy.

They make a great pair.  Thanks again for 2 great dogs!



Tres, Heidi/Ugo male 15mo old  

Here is a picture of Tres, he is 15 and a half months (in photo). Beautiful in all ways!

I bought Tres from you back in November 2009, male born of Heidi and Ugo. By the way, he is the most wonderful dog ever, a star every where he goes (and that is everywhere I go). He is such a good dog in everyway and under any circumstance…….(looking to get another buddy for him to romp with from Sehr Gut Wesen)……..Thank you for breeding such wonderful companions.



Makeidu, Rosebud Ugo male Hi Andrea,

Makeidu just turned two so I thought I’d send you a few new photos of him.  He’s a wonderful dog- very energetic, very smart, and always wanting to please.  We are very happy with him.

Thanks again!

Ritter 18mo Rosebud/Ugo male HI ANDREA!


I was thinking about you and your marvelous dogs earlier and thought I haven’t written to you about Ritter in a while! Thought I’d give you a little update on how he’s doing.
My little Ritter Roo isn’t so little anymore!! My kids have nicknamed him Horse because he is so tall now. He’s 18 months now and still acts very much like a pup. He’s about 85 pounds according to the vet today and healthy as an ox! His favorite activities involve wrestling with my husband, herding my kids around, and play play playing as much as he can. He’s a happy dog and always has a “smile” on his handsome face.


I love how loyal and obedient he is. He obeys usually after the first command, although once in a while he can be a little stubborn. He’s a great dog and we love him so much. A few months ago while my husband was deployed, he was asleep in my room. I heard him start growling and so I followed him down the stairs. Someone was trying to break into the back door of our house. He started barking and hollaring scaring the person from our house. Thank God for Rit that night, because who knows what could have happened without him. He protects our family just like I always hoped. Because of Ritter, we feel safer at night while my husband is TDY or Deployed.


I can’t thank you enough for him. Everyone asks where we got him and I always tell them about you and your wonderful dogs! Still trying to talk the husband into getting another one! Who knows…One day he might budge!! 🙂 Thanks again Andrea for our wonderful dog.




Here is Pepper and Left is Nico, both longcoats out of Pepin and Ugo.
Gunther, Judy/Ugo male Here is a couple pictures of our BEAUTIFUL BOY!

He is so wonderful. He is very well behaved and has the best personality. He is going to start day care in a couple of weeks and everyone just falls instantly in love with him. Shawn says he is a chick magnet.

We love him so much he is our baby.. 

Thank you,


Heidi/Ugo longcoat male hi andrea. i am attaching two pics of river (ugo/heidi – 3/10). the pics aren’t great, but they can give you an idea of his coat, color, and growth. he seems large for his age – he’s very close to heidi’s size. his head and his movements are definitely hers. his size is ugo’s. his coat is somewhere between the two. he is quite a character. he has a dominate personality but is really very, very sweet. he is also very funny. i wonder if you still have his brother hugo. i bet he is a beauty, and i would love to see a pic anytime you snap one. hope all is well in nebraska. dina (in wyoming)
Judy/Ugo, Layla, black female Hello Andrea,

I hope all is well with you and your gang. We are doing ok, but is way too hot! Have to keep the sprinkler and kiddie pools fresh for the dogs. Thank you for the article. I will keep it and is very good information to know about. Here are a few pictures of Layla taken today now that she is a year old. She is lovely and we think the world of her. Herman and she have really bonded. She is so intelligent! She is the “problem solver” of our gang. If she dosen’t like something one way – she is always somehow able to have it “her way” every time!


I don’t know if she gets that from Ugo or Judy. She was rearing up today like a bucking horse playing with a toy. You should have seen it. No one else wanted to play with her  — so she just kept doing it. I wish I had a video of her. I hadn’t ever seen anything like that before. She is a very nice female and has nice bone and conformation too. Thanks for everything, Tammie

Flora Ugo Female, Samantha Andrea
Samantha’s going to be 2 years old this August 30th, can you belive it??  She is a great friend, athletic and sharp as a tack.   If anyone has questions about your breeding especially with Flora (now retired I understand) and Ugo,  tell them to e-mail me!!!!!!!!!!


This lithograph is Samantha Von Sehr Gut Wesen.  She is a Flora/Ugo bitch.  Last year, I was approached by an animal photographer who fell in love with Sam.  As a result, Sam was the German Shepherd model for the Crane Company.  Here is the link.  Isn’t she gorgeous!  I’ve already bought 10 boxes!


Rosebud/Ugo female, Torri
OFA Excellent hips
Just wanted to send you some updated photos of Torri.  She has gotten big.  Love her so much, she has been an excellent dog for us.

(Rosebud and Ugo female puppy)


Lacey, puppy
Pepin / Ugo Longcoat Female
……………everyone is in love with my Lacey … she is so sweet and is really a good puppy!

Just wanted to say “Thank You” Lacey came to us before Thanksgiving and has been “potty trained” from day 1 – she is good and letting you know she has to go!  Lacey is getting along with my 2.5 year old “Harley” also another longcoat German Shepard and they are best of friends for now and I hope that it stays this way.


We start puppy school after the 1st of the year but she knows:  let it, no, no bite, sit and paw – she hasn’t chewed anything yet but Harley has been a good teacher at that – she will stop her when she grabs a sneaker or something.


I have some great pictures on my phone but I’ll send you one from the computer – we went to the vet today for a follow-up and she is 33.4 lbs!


Have a Happy Holiday!

Heidi / Ugo Male Hello Andrea,

Jaxx, is doing great (Ranger “Jaxx”).  We have had him in training at the prison we both work at.  He is quite a hit with everyone and visits John and I and our Warden daily.  We bring him home as often as we can and have had his booster shots up to date.  We had a complete physical on him the first time we took him in to our vet, they were very impressed with him and said that he was in good health and his joints were good.  They were happy to see that the brand of shots that your vet uses is a high quality brand and is what they use as well.  He is getting very big and his ears are starting to stand up.  Our vet said that when the time comes he will be completing the hip physical and digital reading.

Thought you would like to see a picture of Jaxx now, so we have attached two photos for you.

The Palomino Family

Pepin/Ugo male 8/2/09 Good morning Andrea

I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Tanek (Pepin/Ugo) at 5 months old.  He is so much fun and is learning every day.  He is a favorite in the neighborhood and our trainer is more than impressed with his temperment, looks, health, and how smart Tanek is turning out to be.  He is growing fast and it is already hard to remember him as a 17lb. 8 week old puppy!  He is a sweet, sweet boy and is just now starting to come into his own.

Thank you so much for our little boy.  I will send you more pics as he gets older.  If you ever need to use me as a reference please feel free.

Updated Letter Below:

I just wanted to send you a few photo’s of Tanek (Pepin/Ugo 3/5/09) at 8 months and 9 months old.  He is a joy to have around and is so smart and loving.  He loves to give kisses and play with all of the neighborhood dogs.  We hope to start some protection training when he is a year old.  He can be a little headstrong but is easily trainable.  He really looks like the best of both of his parents.  His agility and athleticism is amazing as is his scent tracking for his age.  I could go on and on but you know what kind of puppies your dogs put out!  I actually have people who stop in their cars to ask about him because he has such a presence!  Thank you again for our Tanek – we are truly enjoying our newest member of the family!


Pepin Ugo Female; Jazz Just keeping in touch and letting you know that Jazz is doing great!  Very smart, loyal and protective.  I truly believe she would make an unbelievable police dog as she has a keen sense of smell, when we hide anything, anywhere she can find it.  However, we aren’t giving her up, the police will just have to find their own dogs! lol!  As you can see she is very beautiful and a little bit spoiled. She has always loved water but absolutely loves the snow even more. The first time she saw it this year she put her nose down on the ground and went through it like a snow plow. Jazz brings a lot of meaning in to our lives thank you!


Bridget/Bronson Female

Sold at 3 1/2 years of age
Bretta is 1/2 sister to
Heidi and Rosebud


Just wanted to ask you a question.  Has Bretta ever had any training?  If so what kind?

I took her in to have her tested yesterday for protected training and she pasted with flying colores, and the trainner had asked if she has had any training because she beleives she (Bretta) knows more then we know.
Thank you,

PS.  Bretta is doing fine and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

RE: No extra training done other than sit, down, and house training.

Mieke female, 7mo old
Here are some pics of Mieke at 7 months old. She is an amazing dog! She listens to my every word. Her play drive is nothing like I have ever seen before in a german shepherd. I have never owned a dog where I can walk outside with her without a leash and know that shes not gonna run off. I don’t even have to have a leash on her when we take her for walks! Even with all the other dogs barking she never gets more then 10 feet in front of me. Also as you can see from the pics she is turning out to be a beautiful dog! She is only 7 months old in the pics and is about 40 to 45lbs. Everywhere we take her alls we hear is how pretty and well behaved she is. Her protective side is also starting to show which makes my wife happy since I travel from time to time. Any little noise that she hears at night she always jumps up and goes to see what it is and if its something loud enough she barks at us until we get up and go with her to check it out. Again I cant thank you enough for her and we maybe looking to you to get her a playmate sometime soon.


I’m sorry that it has been so long since we sent you some pics of Mieke,
but here are some at almost 11 months old. She is such a beautiful dog. As
you can see from the pics I attached she loves to play in the snow! Which is
a good thing because we have gotten a lot of it this winter already. She is
amazing with my nephews who are 5, 4, and 6 months old. She knows that when
she plays with the 5 and 4 year old that she has to be gentle with them. With
the 6 month old she is just very curious and she barks at someone if no one
is the room when he starts crying. She has come along way in her training.
She still listens to everything we tell her and has gotten a lot better with
her staying commands. She use to just stop for like 10 seconds and get up
again. Now she wont move until I tell her too. Thank-you so much for the
amazing dog.

SGT Rasmussen

Above, Reagan, male from Judy/Ugo.
Below, Maggie, female from Flora/Ugo.
Andrea,  Sorry I missed your call.  I appreciate you taking the time to check up on them.  The dogs are doing great.  Both are very active and very freindly.  They are great around other dogs and people.

Maggie will chase anything, anytime.  She will fetch for hours.  She also must be in the middle of whatever is going on.  At 11 months she weighs in at 66 pounds.

Reagan will chase Maggie all day long.  He has no interest at all in fetching, just trying to take things from her.  He is tall enough to see whatever may be sitting on the counter and has no problems taking it.  We are working on that little issue.  He is extremely freindly and gentle.  At 10 months he weighs in at 75 pounds.  He is a monster.

I absolutely could not be happier with these dogs.  We take them camping and they do great.  Very curious but and will wander a bit but come when called.  They follow the kids (10 & 15) everywhere.  We camp in bear contry so it is nice to know the kids are constantly being watched when they are out hiking.  We also camp with a large group and the dogs do great with all the people, other dogs, etc.  We do quite a bit of shooting and neither dog is gun shy at all (my last shepherd freaked out at load noises – went through a window to get away from fireworks one year).

I have attached a few pictures from one of our camping trips.  I will try to get more pictures of this past year sent to you.

Thanks again for everything,

Female from Judy/Ugo named Star. Hi Andrea, Wow where has the time gone. I really had good intentions on getting you some pictures earlier then this but what a summer. First of all I have to tell you what a Star our Star is. She is so loving and playful and smart. She is now 10 1/2 months old  and weighing in at 70 lbs. She is super smart, and a fast learner. I have trained her myself and she has done well, she does all of her commands in English, German,and hand signals. We are going to start teaching her to track and see if she likes that. Tyler just loves her and she loves him. She does everything for him as well as me. Our Vet. here just loves her too. They can’t believe how big she’s getting,and they always check her for me when she has to spend the night there when we have to go somewhere overnight and she can’t go and they say she couldn’t be healthier and that I got a great dog. They were also very impressed when I first took her in when I got her in Nov. 2008 when they seen all that you had already done. She was born out of Judy/ Ugo on Oct. 2.2008. The only regret I have is that I didn’t buy her brother that looked like Ugo. They would have made a great pair. Thank you again for being a great breeder and hopefully we will be getting her a little brother from you soon. Tinker
Judy/Ugo blk female Dec 08 In December we bought an all black female from Ugo/Judy and could not be more pleased with her. I am inquiring about being placed on the wait list for a male black and tan from Ugo and Judy. She is sixty pounds @ 9 months and is one of the smartest dogsI have ever seen. Here is a fun one from when she found our throw pillows in our closet.
Thanks again


Judy/Ugo Female Dec 08


Hi Andrea,

We purchased Izzy, our black shepherd, from you in December of last year (The picture is from when we first brought her home).  She was the black shepherd you had that had the kink in her tail.  Well, I’m pleased to tell you that she is the best dog we have EVER had.  She is such a lover and it is obvious that you gave her lots of love before she came to live with us.  She is so wonderful with our children and other animals.  We own a hardware store and people will ask where she is when she is not in the store.  She just seems to make such an impact on everyone that she comes into contact with.

I will do my best to refer you to as many people as I can….I truly believe you raise the most wonderful dogs.  When the day comes that we decide to get another shepherd, there is no doubt we will give you a call!!  Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs!!



Judy/Ugo Male December 2008

Greeting from Colorado Springs!

We have attached some pictures of Max, he is healthy and beautiful as ever! We are taking great care of him and he is a loved member of our family.


The Singletons

Judy/Ugo black male December 2008

Here is a photo sent via CD of Sarge a black male out of Judy/Ugo. He was sold with a heart murmur and guarantee to outgrow it or money back. He was neutered at 7 months of age and Martin’s vet confirmed he had 100% outgrew his heart murmur, which is quite common.

T. Martin

Rosebud/Ugo, Clyde above and below









Clydes as honory as it gets!! We enjoy him. He and Bear (my heifer of a dog) play constantly!! He’s a smart lil fart too! He knows hand commands. Instead of calling him we can snap our fingers, put hand up to make him stop and then point down with finger to mean sit. Basically if we spoke it instead of Signing…we would say: Clyde COME STOP SIT! He also knows lay down (verbally that is ) high five and shake! He’s also being more vocal, he barks when someone comes to the gate. I have noticed he’s a jealous boy! Lol. God forbid i give another dog any atteneion. When its just he and i here at home alone he’s usually only a few steps behind me. He follows me every where. Sometimes it get annoying even. Lol. He doesn’t get along with our vaccuum cleaner…he likes to bark like crazy at it, even when its just setting out. Its pretty funny. I’d love to know what he’s saying to it!! Ha Ha. Friday was his first snow day, he loved it. Was rolling around in it.




Jerry Lee out of Pepin and Ugo

I have Jerry Lee, the 5 month male from Pepin/Ugo litter.

My husband is a firefighter and works 24 hour shifts.  Well Thursday my husband was working his shift so Jerry Lee and I were home by ourselves and around 10:30 pm. I hear a car outside running but  did not think anything of it, well  Jerry Lee goes out to our back patio and starts barking, he’s very upset and will not quiet down so I go out to make him come in so he wouldn’t wake our neighbors and he still won’t settle down, I reached down to grab his collar and looked up and there was a man walking across my front lawn and at first I thought it was my neighbor not really thinking about the time and the car running, and turned around to go back into the house and heard this loud bam!  Well this guy (not my neighbor) kicked my front door in! The whole time Jerry Lee is barking his little head off!  The guy never did come into my house but it scared me to death!  I don’t know if the guy didn’t think we were home or what his intentions were but my little GSD puppy (5 months old!) was protecting me in the only way he knew how and that was by warning them with his barking!  Now I don’t know that at 5 months old he would have known what to do if someone actually came in on me, but I was sure glad to have him with me!

Now we live in a really nice middle class neighborhood and nothing likes this happens but it sure opened my eyes and with my husband being gone with his shift work I am so thankful to have gotten my GSD puppy!  I am thinking about possibly having him professionally trained to react aggressively if necessary.  My husband was not convinced we needed another dog but he’s very relieved now that we do! I just wanted to share this story with you.
Thanks again!

Rosebud/Ugo female Kamalie
with her buddy Koda
Andrea,  Just checking in.  Kamalie is doing wonderfully.  Full of energy.  She is still a picky eater, but over all doing better.  She is incredibly smart.  She already sits on command, fetches, comes to her name, and walks well on lead!  She is more than I could ever expect.  I may be sending you some business, as every one who sees her asks where I got her!  She is the hit of the neighborhood.  Thank you again.



(Rosebud Ugo Male, Ritter) Hello Andrea!


Ritter is almost 5 months old now and it’s like he has always been a member of our family. I simply cannot imagine life without him around. Ritter is competely house broken! No accidents in our house in 2 months! He is kennel trained and knows the commands sit, stay, here, shake, high five, down, back-up, speak, say please, and time for bed in hand signals, English and we are currently working on German. He is so very smart…except where our cats are concerned. He so badly wants to play with them but my little girl Emma Jane wants nothing to do with him unless he is in his kennel for her to tease. He is great with my kids too! He finally found his “manly bark” and actually startled me the other day when he used it for the first time. Our Ritter is finally growing up. At nearly 5 months old, he weighs in at 45 pounds! Vet says he is healthy and happy and very well behaved. (Now if only we can get that one ear to stand up the rest of the way!) His toy drive is absolutely amazing. I just went out and bought him a bunch of new toys yesterday because he goes through them so quickly! You should have seen him during our first snow a few weeks ago. He didn’t know what to make of it at first, but once he felt OK enough, he ran around with his nose in it until he looked up at me with a big ole’ pile of it on the end of his muzzle! It was great! We still do playdates with the Messers and Ritter’s brother Hawkeye! They get along great! My husband gets home from the desert sometime next week and will meet Ritter for the first time! It should be interesting! Thanks again for such a terrific dog! We love our Ritter! He was definitely worth the money and the 4 hour drive


Hi Andrea! I took some really cute pictures of Ritter and my kids I thought you might enjoy! Rit will be 7 months old next week and he is healthy, happy and a wonderful dog! His training is going super well and we are enjoying him! My husband came back from the desert a little less than a month ago and fell in love with Ritter as soon as he met him. They wrestle and play together every night before John goes to work! It’s so fun to watch.  Anyway, I’m attaching some pictures of Ritter and my girls. Enjoy!


Nicole Donnellon & Family

Pepin Ugo Female Christmas photo from the Smith family December 2009

Bonnie out of Pepin and Ugo.

(Flora/Ugo male) Oct 31, 2009

hi there! well hawkeye is just about 9 months old! he is weighing in at 83 lb and 26 in high, still on his way to 95 lb! our vet said he should be just thickening up from this point! we couldnt have asked you for a better fit in our life! he has done great with his training learning sit, down, stay, come, heal (to a point lol), speak , back, in, out, bed, kennel, fetch, frisbee , and a bit of protection all in english, german and hand signals! he is so smart and sweet! he fallows us every where in the house. he wants us all to be together lol! everyday he looks more and more like Ugo! he is better then we could have ever imagined  thank you so much for hawk!


Rosebud/Ugo female Andrea

A short update on Gabriele/Gabi. (Rosebud & Ugo) She is now 8 months old and doing well.  She is such a joy and everyone loves her.  We call her our “wild child” which she is at times and then the neighbor girls come to visit her and she is so gentle with them.  It truly is amazing.  She loves the water and even went swimming in the lake this past weekend.  We love all of her puppy antics – she makes us laugh everyday.  Wish we had room for two of your dogs.



Finally a picture of Gabi Rose (Gabriele).  She was about 20 months in the picture and in her favorite chair.  She is the best ever dog and is so good with our grandchildren.  Our yoyungest who is 2 calls her “dog.”

Anyway thanks once again for breeding such gentle “dogs.”

Sharon & Bill

She ‘s doing great! She sits, lays and shakes on command, she also does very well on leash. We will be starting an obedience training class soon.  She loves to play in water and go camping.


(Pepin/Ugo Female Pup)

Heidi/Ugo male Sorry it took so long to send a few pictures. Here is Cooper born 3/10/08 to Ugo and Heidi. He is almost 7 months old and weighs a little over 60 lbs. He is a horse. Very sweet and handsome don’t ya’ think? thanks so much for a wonderful dog!


Flora/Ugo male Bronson is 2 months into his Obedience training and the instructor thinks he is one of the smartest dogs he has ever trained.  He was even trying to Bartyr the cost of the training for a puppy in the future.  I advised him I was not a breeder and gave him your information.  He is sooooo STRONG and GOOD LOOKING.  I cannot begin to thank you enough!


Well, well can you believe the ears finally went up.  What a great addition to our family.  I cannot begin to thank you enough for selling us such a bundle of joy and love.  Bronson will be turning 6 months in mid September and his papa (Ugo) and mama (Flora) would be so proud.  Everywhere I go I get a ton of compliments on such a great looking dog.  He is so loving with all the kids in the neighborhood and wants to please the world.  Again, thank you so much for breeding such a fine animal.


Andrea, you would not believe how gorgeous Bronson has become.  He is now 6 months young and ready for training classes.  He has advanced so much on his own.  He can sit, lay down, come, here, leave it alone and many others.  I never even had to potty train him.  He did that all on his own.  I will be sending you the pictures I have from 2 months up to today.  Again, we cannot thank you enough for the gorgeous breed of Shepherd that you produce.  I get compliments everywhere we go!  Thanks a million!!



Storm, from Pepin/ Ugo male Hello Andrea!

We purchased a male pup from your Pepin/Ugo liter back in April.  His name is Storme and he is the most wonderful dog.  At 5 mo old he has completed puppy kindergarten (star of the class,  of course!!) and is beginning basic obedience class.  Andrea, this is the BEST dog we have ever owned!!  He is intelligent, gentle, full of love and playfulness.  He loves to play tug of war and fetch. He knows when to play gentle with our young children, and when he can be a bit more rough with our teen-aged son. When its time to calm down he also loves to sit at my feet and chew on his toys..and occasionally thinks he is a “lap dog”  He obeys us without reservation!  We couldn’t be happier with our dog.  We are actually already “thinking” of another purchase from you since Storme is so wonderful

Hi Andrea,


Just another update with Storme.   We got him in April from Pepin/Ugo.  He now weighs 87lbs and is still a big affectionate baby, although I think some of the teenage defiant behavior is coming through…lol.  Wanted to show you the latest pics…..he really is a wonderful dog….GORGEOUS is the comment we get most of all.

Ranger, Pepin Ugo male Hi Andrea!

I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed the slideshow! I have been trying to bring my camera when we go hiking/outside to take pictures of Ranger because he is growing so much so fast!! My family really enjoys the slideshow as well to see how much he has changed!! He sleeps so much because when he is awake we are outdoors playing.

I just took him to the vet today and all the employees complimented on how good-looking he is!! Also he is almost 6 months and weighs 60 lbs!!! You sure do breed beautiful dogs!!!

I just attached the most recent picture of Ranger! He is so beautiful!! Thanks again for selling him to us, we love him so much.


I just wanted to update you on Yeva. She was out of Ugo x Flora and is seven months old now. She is the “friends and family favorite” out of all of our 6 dams. We have a red sable, three black and tans, a black and red, and of course our solid black Yeva! Our Sheriff has a georgous red sable male that he wants to breed to Yeva. He came over the other day to look at all of our dams and decided Yeva was the one he is interested in when she is ready and old enough of course. She is so intelligent and beautiful! She will do anything to please us. She loves to play fetch – and will do it as long as I will hold out! She is extremely powerful. As I told you earlier, we are going to train her Schutzhund. She listens, looks at me, sets, goes down and heels already. She loves to go for walks and learn new tricks. I just wanted you to know that she is a wonderful dam. We love her and so does anyone who comes to look at our dams. She’s the favorite of all who have seen her so far, including us! Thanks again,


Heidi/Ugo longcoat male Andrea,

I just wanted to write to thank you for such an amazing puppy!  I don’t know what you did before we got him but I swear he came to us housebroken.  For the first couple of days he was really shy but is now extremely comfortable around us and loves to play!  He would spend all day outside in the cold grass if we would let him.  He is so gentle with people, and loves little kids!  So far he hasn’t jumped on anyone or tried to get on any of the furniture.  He is a really good biter, we’ll work on that though!  He is learning to sit, and is slowly starting to recognize his name.  Everyone that sees him comments on what an adorable puppy he is and how well behaved he is.  He is starting to walk on a leash, everyday he seems to enjoy it more and more.  We took him to the vet on Monday just to check him over.  He was really good with the vet and all of the techs, didn’t try to bite or nip at them at all.

They checked his heart and everything is fine.  The vet couldn’t hear any murmur.  He said he was absolutely perfect!  He gained 3 pounds last week, everyone comments on how big he is going to be.

He gets a little nervous around bigger dogs, little does he know he’ll outweight them in just a couple of months.  He was already 15lbs on Monday!  Dave and I are so happy with him and couldn’t imagine our lives without him.  The first night he did cry a lot, then the next night we moved his kennel by a window and he slept the whole night.  He has been doing the same this since, everyone is so amazed that he’s already sleeping through the night.


Once again, thank you so much for the wonderful puppy!

Ashley and Dave


Just an update Vito has been AMAZING.  Now that he’s 1 year 9 months old he is getting extremely mature.  He’s grown into such a beautiful and statuesque dog, every time we take him out we get comments on how beautiful he is.  He’s still a skinny guy (75 lbs) but is in extremely good health.  We had that bout of Pano but once he turned a year old it never happened again – thank god!  His feet are still a little turned out (as you can see in the pictures) but it doesn’t seem to affect him, he’s actually starting to become quite the jogging partner.  Vito was around his first baby the other day (a 3 week old) and it was amazing to see his natural nurturing instinct with her.  I was afraid he would smother her in kisses (like he does to Dave and I) but he was so gentle he was like a seasoned pro.  Anytime the baby would cry he was right by her side like her big guard dog – it was so cute!   Other than my husband Vito is absolutely just the love of my life and I can’t imagine a day without him, we are so blessed to have him in our lives.

Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs, their temperament is truly the best (My vet actually said Vito had the best temperament of any shepherd she’s ever seen – that’s saying a lot!)

Merry Christmas!

Pepin/Ugo male Hi Andrea,


Just a quick note while Axel’s sleeping to drop you a line and let you know how good everything is going.


This little guy has quite the personality that says look at me “I’m GREAT”.  He is also a big jumper and pouncer.  He plays fetch with a rubber ducky and a tennis ball.  He is sleeping through the night with no whining, he only whined Saturday night.  He still whimpers sometimes but usually that’s when he is tired.  We’ve only had two pee accidents and I blame that on myself for not anticipating it.


He is doing so well and growing too.  He now has his ears at the conehead stage and looks pretty silly.  He is almost sleeping completely through the night and starting to take himself outside to pee if I leave the door open and I am around to supervise him.  Overall evrythings great.


Now that he has had all of his puppy shots he is soooo enjoying going on walks and exploring his new world.  This morning we discovered a duck in the field by our house and he couldn’t understand why it kept making that wierd sound.

Silly little guy


Flora/Ugo female
We received our female German Shepherd puppy, Morgan, from Andrea in December 2007.  Morgan has been a delight.  She has a great personality–wants to please, very happy, and loves our six-year-old German Shepherd, Roz.  She’s as smart as a whip.  Potty training was a snap.  She knew her name, “settle,” “come” and “fetch” right away.  She is a sturdy girl and we anticipate she will weigh about 85+ pounds.

After looking at Andrea’s web site, it was clear that she really cared about *responsibly* breeding German Shepherds.  Upon adoption, she provided a CD with tons of useful information about training, feeding, and shots; and information specific to German Shepherds. Her prices were very reasonable.

Here it is, February, and Andrea still keeps in touch.  We are really happy with Morgan.  I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a healthy, carefully-bred German Shepherd puppy from a reputable breeder.



Andrea, do you remember me?  We’re the owners of Morgan, from Flora and Ugo’s first litter (one boy, one girl).  There are so many days that we talk about what a wonderful breeder you are, that I thought I’d take a moment tonight to write this note.  😉

Morgan is a doll!  We just love her.  She is beautiful inside and out.  She is SO SMART.  And she has the right name because she’s not only healthy as a horse, she’s about as big as a horse!  LOL  And what a great disposition!  Have you ever heard that song “New Soul?”  Well, that’s Morgan!   I can remember you saying that “everyone loves Flora” and the same is true of Morgan.  Everyone loves Morgan…..We purchased a used Wrangler last year just for Morgan and Roz.  We removed the back seat and put in a very thick rubber mat.  They love that Jeep!!  LOL

Hope all is going well for you!

Mary Lu

Hi Andrea:

Thought you ;might like to see how much Alecia has grown…she moves so fast I couldn’t get one of her running or standng up, but did make her lay down…   as you can see she didn’t like that at all laying there, then looking up with those big beautiful eyes etc.   she’s sure a great pup and beautiful pup.



I have not sent any pictures of Rhudy in a while and I was on the website looking at some pictures of Flora and Bronson’s puppies. Figured I would send you this latest one. As we talked on the phone before, he is a great dog with a lot of energy. He is still a little skinny but in my opinion for his health, that is better than heavy. Loves his toys and us. I hope as he gets a little older and he matures that he will calm down a little but other than lots of energy that needs to be exercised off, he is a great family friend. Oh, the poodle is his favorite play toy.

Best regards, Don

Hi Andrea, Just a note to let you know that we are enjoying Leonidas (LEON) the male puppy you sold us. He is beautiful; an excellent temperment. He’s 5 months old and weighs 50#!! We have our white vinyl (with mesh) fence on our 2 acres and he loves running around there. A new dog park opened up 5 minutes from us so he is getting socialized with other dogs and people. Everyday he can’t wait until he can get his romp at that dog park. Thank you so much, Andrea. He’s an awesome dog and worth every penny…….

Thanks again. Marlys, Scott & Daniel


Hi Andrea! Shortly after we got our puppy from you in mid-March 2007, I promised you I would send you some pictures…well, here they finally are. WE named her Shelby and we just love her…Thank you SO much!! Hopefully you can add her to your wall of fame. She has a wonderful temperment and she is very smart.

Thank you again! Patti

Hi Andrea – Just a few new pictures of Shelby and our little “family”. She’s grwoing into quite the beautiful girl. I can’t believe our fuzzy little puppy is already so big and will be 9 mo. old tomorrow!!


Hi Andrea,

The young boy that we purchased last time is so happy with his dog.  I know at least one person that might be interested. I will let him know you are to have another litter.



Dear Andrea:

Glad to hear from you, we thought of you when OTTO turned one year old on  April 23,  He is a beautiful, sweet boy and very champagne colored.  He graduated from intermediate training class and had to learn some socialization.  He is very content here on the mountain.



Well, his name is Diesel. We have been having the greatest first day! And I swear he’s already house broken. He’s been letting me know when he needs to go out. He woke me up twice last night to go out to use the bathroom! I was astonished. We have been having lots of fun. You weren’t kidding! HE sure can eat! lol And he was actually bringing a ball back to me yesterday while we were playing! And when I talk to him, he cocks his head listening…it’s so cute.

Thanks again! He’s so wonderful!



Hi, my name is Deb. I just received Drew’s note and was shocked….we also named our male puppy Diesel. So is this just the gas litter? Diesel also has a friend her name is Sadie. And she is glad to have a friend. In the picture of the pups outside Diesel is on the left…this was the first meeting of the two. And after playing outside they had to come in and take a nap. I look forward to future pictures from everyone. Bye for now,



Hi Andrea & Ruth,

My new family the named me Madeline.  Everyone loves me here and I am chewing everything I can already.  Petey their other dog doesn’t like me much, he’s used to having all the attention to himself.  He’ll come around though.  The ******** can’t send pictures with their computer yet but when they can they will get my pretty little face sent to you.

Everyone wants to thank you again for giving me to this family.  I think I’ll love it here.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the entire family!

Madeline & The ******* Family


Just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know how our Max is doing.  He is incredibly good looking and weighed 78 pounds at the vet last week.  I was surpirsed when I heard one of the other pups was 90 pounds.  Max is very lean and will definately fill out more but is no where near 90 pounds yet!  We work with Max frequently and he loves to please.  I was looking at a picture of Max’s dad (Bear) today and was shocked because I think Max looks exactly like him.  Max is very good with kids, both our own, and my nephews and nieces and he is incredibly confident.  When he sees something he is not sure of like the scarecrow in someone’s yard for Halloween he will check it out, run back, check it out again all with great confidence and fun, tail wagging all the time.  Max is also great with dogs and puppies he frequently plays with our neighbors lab.

I think that is all for now.  I will try to send out some pictures soon.





I just wanted to let you know that Max has not been limping anymore.  We think he just injured his shoulder.  We may do some preliminary x-rays in the next few months but at this time I am not as concerned as I was before.  Thank you for responding to my email.


I have been involved in Schutzhund with Max the last several months and we both have really enjoyed it.  Doug Calhoun (http://www.caninetrainingsystems.com/president.php)  comes to our Schutzhund club frequently and yesterday he commented on what a fine dog Max is.  In fact he said that at this stage it does not get any better then this.  This was in reference to how Max was doing in protection given his age.  Many people have asked about Max’s lines.  I have found information on Max’s mom on the web but cannot find much on his dad and his lineage.  Can you tell me a little bit about Bear’s lines?  Also I would like to register Max but I am not sure on how to go about coming up with an official name for him.  Do you have any advice on how to do this?


We are planning on being in town over Thanksgiving and I am sure that this will be an incredibly busy time for you but I would love to stop by and let you see Max (he looks just like the picture of Bear that I have) as well as maybe check out the new puppies that I heard you have.  We are not in the market for a puppy but it would be fun to see Max’s brothers and sister.


I hope everything is going well for you and hope to hear from you.


Take care,





Kris is a friend of mine who got a pup from you last year and I am in the market for a German shepherd now. We had a purebred German shepherd for 9 years who was taken from us by cancer a little over a year ago and we are ready to bring another one into our lives now and are starting to look around for a breeder. We want to get a dog that has suitable bloodlines and temperament for protection training and definitely need to get a dog that will be able to be trained to be disciplined and not harm our kids or their friends. Kris recommended you and I would be interested to know if you have any litters that are going to be available anytime soon. We have 3 kids (ages 2 to 7) and so of course Christmas would be fantastic timing but we are willing to adjust our plans for the right dog. Thanks a lot. Sean Wood Evergreen, CO

Andrea, I am interested. Talked to Kris today and he told me about your policies – am I the first to express interest? I will send you the deposit when you pass on your address. Regarding timing, 2 weeks before xmas is fine – I am more concerned about the right timing for the dog and your logistics rather than xmas theatrics 😉



Evergreen Fire/Rescue


Oh, I’m loving my Diesel too!  He’s gorgeous and VERY big.  He’s just over 90lbs and looks like he has another 30 to gain!  He hasn’t started to fill out yet.  Still tall, skinny, and a bit gangly…lol.   He’s SOOOO smart.  We work pretty much every day.  He loves it.  We play quite a bit of fetch to break up lessons.  He has a ball addiction for sure!  I can’t ever get him to give me a break.  If I ignore him placing a ball in my lap, he’ll go find another one (he has like 4 laying around at any given time) as if I didn’t like the last one…LOL.  I love it though.  He’s a great friend.  We go everywhere together.  I need to take some more recent pics.  I’m about two months behind on pics.
Drew and Diesel


Hi everybody. Kuzko is doing great – he loves to play fetch, whether it be a stick or a ball or a rope, he doesn’t care.  He does the same thing as Diesel – if you ignore him, he brings another toy over.  He is about 95 pounds, and he is still very skinny.  He eats a lot – and he is very talkative.  Drew, maybe you can give me some pointers on teaching techniques.  He is VERY smart, but he still hasn’t got the “come” down yet (only when he feels like it mostly).  I hope to see pictures of everyones dogs sometime soon.  I need to get some updated, mine are also a few months old.


Nichole, Jeff & Kuzko


Hi everyone,


Can you believe that our babies are almost a year old?  We haven’t talked for quite some time.  Hopefully everyone is enjoying their kid as much as we are.  Deisel is quite a beautiful boy.  Large and smart!


Just thought I would drop a short note to say hi.


Talk to you later,


Deb and gang, and Deisel


Dear Andrea,

Thank you for calling me regarding the AKC papers…..Madeline is doing fantastic, sorry I don’t have any pictures for you. She is quite beautiful and quite the princess in the household. Her and Petey have become fast friends.

Thank you again.





I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful friend. Diesel (the big one with dark markings) is great!  He picks things up so fast and goes almost everywhere with me.  As you can see, he still hasn’t quite grown into those ears…lol. He’s completely house broken, knows all his commands verbally and with signals, so we might try working on some fun tricks next :D.  He has a cow bell on the door handle that he rings to let me know that he needs out too!  We’ve been having so much fun.  Thank you!



Thanks Andrea:


Greta is getting quite familiar with our day time work routine, evening walks and bed time along our bedside…..




P.S…. found a way to get Greta to not bury her milk bones and eat them….. gotta love peanut butter.


Hi Andrea:


Things have continued to be as great as the day we brought Greta home; I think she’s adjusted quite well.  Greta spends the day outside in the fenced yard and evenings with us inside the house.  Last night she discovered she could actually go up and down the steps (I was painting upstairs and she just had to be near by).  Karen and I take her for walks often which she really looks forward to.  I ended up switching her dog food to Nutro which seems to have agreed with her quite well.I do plan on getting her spayed in a month or so.


I will send along some new pics when I get a chance; thanks for keeping in touch.




The two puppies are doing very well. Both weigh about 90 lbs now. Tornado (the male) is very gentle, easy going, and likes to be hugged and cuddled. He also torments/tease his sister to no end with food and bones. Hurricane (the female) likes to think she is in charge, still the instigator, very protective, likes to play with tennis balls, stuffed toys and bones. I thought having two puppies at the same time would be difficult, but it has been very easy. When we take them for walks they are never far from our sides. They may go ahead of us but they always turn to see if we are okay behind. My husband and I (even my co-workers) have enjoyed watching them grow into beautiful dogs. Thank You for all your help



Yes, I am interested in puchasing another one.  I would like mine to have a brother or sister to play with.  I absolutely love him, he is such a nice and happy dog.  Plus, he is gorgeous – we always get complements on him.  Do you still have one available?  I don’t care if we get a male or a female.  Please let me know.




Hi Andrea,

Ike is going through a rebellious puberty.  He has been so perfect until recently.  Now he thinks that he only has to come to me when he wants to.  We are going through some remedial obedience training.  He will resume his drug dog training when he has a new attitude.  The K-9 trainer told me that the only thing that he wasn’t sure of with starting Ike, was his age.  He was only 7 months old when we started.  They usually wait until the dog is 1 year.  But, that’s okay, he still is ahead of the game.  When he gets his head back on, he will still be ready before he’s a year.  I have to get some photos developed.  I will send you one then.

I am still totally in love with him!  I haven’t weighed him since he was 6 months old (76 pounds!)  But, I am going to get him weighed next week, I hope.  My bet is about 110 pounds.  I will let you know.

I really am glad that you kept his sister.  It sounds like you picked a winner!  You sure picked one for me.

God Bless you,