We are located in Southwest Nebraska. We have been active breeders of the German Shepherd Dog for over 17 years and have been lifelong owners of German Shepherds on our acreage. Our goal is to produce German Shepherds that are sound of mind, healthy, good with children, and protective in nature, while maintaining the beauty of the German Shepherd Dog. With our combination of DDR/East German lines, working lines, German V/VA show lines, some Canadian lines , and Sch I, II, III titles in the lines, we strive for positive attributes of each to create a well rounded dog. All of our breeding dogs are OFA passing or A Stamp passing or equivalent. Also no two pair of dogs are bred that are not tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). We have tested at least 1 parent dog to be N/N clear of DM in order to not produce one single puppy from any breeding to be A/A at risk.

We have kept our number of dogs minimal to create a warm family atmosphere for our dogs and puppies. All of our puppies and dogs are socialized regularly and will be sold with a clean bill of health from our Vet.

We do not sale outside the USA, to puppy shops, or to brokers. We do not sale to breeders that we do not have a rapport with. Puppies are sold limited.

Our puppies are born and stay indoors until they are weaned around 4-5 weeks of age. They are then transferred to the the outdoors in their own run with heated indoor sleeping area and radio. They are exposed to all sorts of noises outside such as lawnmowers, other animals, wind in the trees, cars pulling in and out, etc. which are important experiences needed for adjusting in their new home.

Please check out our testimonials page. You will see that our puppies/dogs are good natured and are good with families and children.

Name: Andrea McCormick

Email: swnebraska@yahoo.com

Cell: 308-345-2969 (email is best for record keeping purposes. So if you do call or text me. Please start out with your name so I know who I’m texting/talking to)

Address: PO Box 502
………….. McCook, NE 69001

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