We breed healthy and well tempered Shepherds.

We have been active breeders of the German Shepherd Dog for over 17 years and have been lifelong owners of German Shepherds on our acreage. Our goal is to produce German Shepherds that are sound of mind, healthy, good with children, and protective in nature, while maintaining the beauty of the German Shepherd Dog. With our combination of DDR/East German lines, working lines, German V/VA show lines, some Canadian lines , and Sch I, II, III titles in the lines, we strive for positive attributes of each to create a well rounded dog. All of our breeding dogs are OFA passing or A Stamp passing or equivalent. Also no two pair of dogs are bred that are not tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). We have tested at least 1 parent dog to be N/N clear of DM in order to not produce one single puppy from any breeding to be A/A at risk.

Remi’s parents are Hank and Ida. I wish I could accurately tell you what a good dog he is.  He so sweet and loving,  yet his loyal and protective nature are coming out as well.  Even at 8 months he has a presence with strangers,  lol. He loves to play with other dogs,  go on walks,  and snuggle on the couch.  We have a new kitten who is his best friend and they play and snooze together every day.

Schnicke Family

Healthy and well tempered Shepherds.

At our kennel we do not promote or produce angulated cookie cutter show dogs. We promote stable security dogs of the home and family that are healthy, have passing hip scores, DM tested, normal backs and even temperaments. How do we accomplish this? By mixing the types. Straight back working lines bred to show lines. This brings diversity which is a good thing.  Breeding and showing one “type” imposes restrictive conformation standards on them & artificially shrinks the gene pool.

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A Beautiful Pedigree Combination

We breed well-rounded dogs of German Working Lines, DDR, and German West Show lines creating versatility; exhibiting not just one character of the German Shepherd breed, but a combination of beauty and agility. Our dogs are  AKC, OFA, and DM tested to best avoid offspring from going crippled later in life. All German Shepherd puppies sold have a 27mo written health guarantee, including hips and elbows. Deposits are $250. Sold as limited AKC registration.

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