Average female weight full grown at our kennel 65-75 lbs – lean
Average male weight full grown at our kennel 85-100 lbs – lean 

If you think Hip/Elbow dysplasia is the only thing to test for in dogs, your wrong. Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) just as prevalent with worse outcome. We test our parent dogs to make sure this does not happen!

What is DM and why is it so important to test for? Out of 7,761 German Shepherds tested Aprox 31.4% carry(can pass it down if bred to another carrier). 14.7 tested are at risk. How does a dog become “at risk” A/A, by two parent dogs carrying the copied gene of DM. Just watch this video and see what you are taking a risk of dealing with if you purchase a puppy from a breeder who does not test for DM. At about 6-7 years of age the dog will become lame in the rear, often mistaken for bad hips at first. Then in a matter of months the dog will be resorted to this and shortly then euthanasia is the humane thing to do. There is no cure! In 2008 they found the gene to detect this. No excuse for any breeder, to not have this done. Statistics of % of DM on German Shepherd Dogs is also found on OFA site. Many breeds are affected by this, not just GSD’s. It is across the board males and females show and working. If you are a previous owner who has already dealt with this horrible genetic disease, I don’t advise watching this video. This video is very graphic and sad and is geared for those who don’t realize the seriousness of this condition that can easily be prevented by testing the parent dogs. There are arguments that there are other types of debilitating mobile diseases in large breed dogs that can cause lameness, yes, but why not rule this genetic one out?

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Upcoming Breeding Mid-May. Pups ready for new homes Mid July $1,250

We expect these puppies to be medium drive. Should not be mouthy. All traditional markings. Evaluation at 6-7 weeks will narrow down color and temperament. Details of temperament will take place at 7 weeks old, at the time when selection takes place. There is a chance of a long coat or two.

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65 lbs, blk/tan, 1/4 German Working & 3/4 West German Show Lines, AKC OFA Good Hips/Elbows Good, DM N/N Clear

Bi-Color Black/Tan, 50% Czech & 50% German Working Lines, AKC OFA Good Hips/Elbows DM Clear N/N